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ACM Conext-2024 Workshop on the Decentralization of the Internet

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Recent years have witnessed the consolidation and centralization of the Internet applications, services, as well as the infrastructure. This centralization has economic aspects and factors as well as technical ones. The effects are often characterized as detrimental to the original goals of the Internet, such as permissionless innovation, as well as to society at large, due to the amount of (personal) data that is obtained and capitalized on by large platforms.

We are organizing a workshop at ACM CoNEXT-2024 to provide a forum for academic researchers to present and discuss on-going work on this topic and to create greater awareness in the larger community for this topic. The workshop would solicit work on specific topics including but not limited to:

  • investigation of the root causes of Internet centralization, and articulation of the impacts of the market economy, architecture and protocol designs, as well as government regulations;
  • measurement of the Internet centralization and the consequential societal impacts;
  • characterization and assessment of observed Internet centralization;
  • new research topics and technical solutions for decentralized system and application development;
  • decentralized (cloud-independent) distributed system design;
  • protocols and algorithms for decentralized distributed systems; and
  • decentralized security and trust architectures and protocols for real-world Internet systems.

Submission Instructions

Please see the workshop homepage for details.

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May 31st, 2024 at 2:11 pm