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The Beauty of ICN in IoT

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One of the papers recenty presented at ICN-2014 described an interesting IoT implementation and corresponding experiment with CCN-Lite on the RIOT platform.

Previously, ICN has been perceived as providing conceptual benefits such as

  • simplified, natural APIs to developers;
  • increased robustness through caching;
  • facilitating data fusion through hop-by-hop replication;
  • reduced network stack layering; and
  • inherent auto-configuration.

The authors describe their implementation of CCN-Lite on RIOT and their approach to realize IoT communication in a 60 node testbed. The idea is to apply Reactive Optimistic Name-based Routing (RONR), i.e., an ICN name-based forwarding approach to send requests for named information in an IoT network using a hybrid flooding/unicast approach.

Some results of their comparison:

  • 70% less ROM, 80% less RAM usage by the stack implementation (compared to a RPL/6lowpan implementation);
  • 50% reduction of transmitted packets thanks to RONR and ICN caching.

Some pointers for further reading:

  •  Emmanuel Baccelli, Christian Mehlis, Oliver Hahm, Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch; Information Centric Networking in the IoT: Experiments with NDN in the Wild; ACM ICN-2014; September 2014; [paper], [presentation]
  • CCN-Lite
  • RIOT -- the friendly OS for the IoT

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