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Joined The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)

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On September 1st 2022, I have joined the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Guangzhou –
. HKUST is a world-class internationally-minded research university that was founded in 1991 in Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, with a track record of excellent research and teaching.

In 2022, HKUST has opened a new campus in Guangzhou, across the border in China's Guangdong province:

The new campus is complementing HKUST's existing Clear Water Way campus and is intended for developing new cross-disciplinary programs, in four hubs:

  • Information Hub: to address global challenges arising from human interactions with information and technology in today's era of digital transformation.
  • Function Hub to focuss on basic elements in hard and natural sciences, and to seek advanced and sustainable solutions to address real-world problems.
  • Systems Hub: to develop scientific knowledge, offering engineering methodologies, and to solve cross-disciplinary problems, e.g., in Bioscience & Biomedical Engineering.
  • Society Hub: to resolve socio-economic issues and contribute to the knowledge economy in a networked society and rapidly changing world.

I am working in the Internet of Things Thrust, led by Prof. Danny Tsang, of the Information Hub, led by Prof. Fugee Tsung. The other Thrusts in the Information Hub are:

My research focus will be on:

  • Distributed Computing and Networking (Compute-First Networking, Computing in the Network)
  • Information-Centric Networking (ICN)
  • Internet architecture and decentralized communication

If you are interested in joining HKUST(GZ) as faculty, postdoc, postgraduate, or MPhil student please feel free to reach out to me. My e-mail address at HKUST: dku@ust.hk

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